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The difference between Refrigerator VCM &PCM colorful Sheet

Time: [2012-10-24]
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The difference between Refrigerator VCM &PCM colorful Sheet


PCM/VCM sheet is made from base film which is to be done surface treatment, then roller coating or laminating with organic film and heating, which can be deeply processed to be finished products.

The coating quality of PCM/VCM is more equal, stable, and ideal as well as environmental on process, compared to single coating and spaying on shaped metal surface. PCM/VCM sheet has excellent decoration, shaping, anti-finger-print, and adhesion, which can keep the color up-to-date, thus, it become an ideal lamination material for Electrical home appliances, mechanical & electrical, and shipping.


Structure of VCM Sheet                                          

Protective Layer

PET layer

Printing Layer

PVC Layer

bonding layer

Chemical Treatment layer                                          



VCM sheet is a laminating sheet, while PCM sheet is a Color-coated sheet. Usually, VCM sheet use galvanized sheet for base sheet, laminating colorful or pattern film, the surface of which is very flat and smooth, especially, the color-surface effect is far more excellent compared to PCM Sheet., but the price is more expensive. And it is usually used for refrigerator faceplate or side board for high-grade cabinet, Set-top box shell, and etc. The product function will need quality film. PCM sheet is a color and pre-treatment sheet with electric home appliance and environmental painting on surface, and the price is cheaper. It is usually used for refrigerator sideboard, but it is unsuitable for high-grade refrigerator faceplate. As the roughness of PCM sheet is not good as VCM as well as single color, so it is mainly used for sideboard.


Dongguan Haibo Laser Packaging Co., Ltd manufactures Brush Hairline film, High gloss  flash silver film, wood grain film, which is exclusively used for VCM sheet, and it is widely used for Electric faceplate, decoration and building materials, door, glass sliding doors, and cabinet faceplate, and etc. It can improve product grade and quality as well.



Protective Film

Finishing Roller Coating

Primer roller coating


Base board

Back coating




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