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Time: [2012-1-2]
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      At the end of 2007 years, following HAIBO LASER PACKAGING Co.,Ltd. After two years of research and development, successfully developed the home appliance level composite film! The market has been officially launched more than a year, mainly pearly membrane, fake metal wire, metal wiredrawing film printing film, wood grain film, etc. Performance parameters has reached more than South Korea or a brand, the end of the South Korea a brand monopoly position!

According to the material into single PET or PVC, and PET composite PVC (polymer), PVC composite PVC and PET composite PET and so on many kinds of structure. Has the beautiful beautiful appearance and excellent machining, surface decoration, corrosion resistance, resistance to scratch sex, and so on, can realize the dumb light to highlights different effect, and match with exquisite design and pearly flashing and drawing effect, such as white, gray bead bead light, crystal, laser peony, rose series choice or an like to build, has been widely used in electrical panel, decorative materials, glass door plank, move the door panels, kitchen utensils, improve the product specification and grade.

Haibo home appliance composite membrane structure schematic level






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