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Crisis in the sea for development to quality and catch sales…

Time: [2012-1-2]
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In 2009, the economic crisis continue to influence to the world economy, the export of Chinese leather industry is still difficult, will seek for development in difficult. In the first half of this year, the Chinese government introduced a industrial rejuvenation planning, involving light industries, the leather industry as a whole will be a development opportunity. A source says leather industry export tax refund is expected to adjust to the level of 2007, will likely return to 17%, so leather enterprise should be firm the confidence in this year.

Industry adjust period crisis for development

After 2008 years industry adjust, Chinese leather industry washed the bubble, some can't keep up with the pace of the development of the industry enterprise is eliminated, this is the result of "balance". This process is the leather industry of the transformation and upgrade process, competitive leather enterprise survival down, in the will continue to realize their ambition, leather industry for their contribution to the development of the part.

However, the situation, after all, is a serious, only by the government's preferential policy or not enough. Want "effect a permanent cure", be about to strengthen their internal organs. In this competitive height the white-hot society, whether manufacturing enterprise or business enterprise to the increasingly fierce competition in the market in an invincible position, we must attach great importance to improve the quality of products, or it will be found out. The product quality is a leather enterprise in 2009 can get the key to success.

Improve product quality to deal with the economic crisis

Product quality as the life of enterprise, is the leather enterprise in 2009 to catch the key. Increase the product research and development efforts to produce high quality products, is through the crisis will be beaten road. "Enterprise development, quality first". The dongguan sea wave laser packaging Co., LTD, capable of that. In 2004, chose to enter into leather transfer film has been pursuing field of this principle. That year, hypo laser based on market sales, rational planning decision after the company's position. It is the accurate control of the market, product positioning of the unique became hypo laser based on the market of capital. Waves will set high starting point, aim to do color leather transfer membrane, upfront input the 1 million. Begin from 2006, products sold got the market with customer's double recognition.

To develop the market on the strategy of

However, the 2009 economic situation is serious. In business tighten your belt "winter" sensitive period, how will the high quality products sales go out is the key. "Winy also fear that deep down," the word of sales in the development of enterprises play an important role. Hypo laser take very seriously, in the beginning of the ox, combined with the about sales mentality, skills, the executive power of the exchange. leather shoes nets deng total and hypo laser company employees share the, using the unique perspective expounds the way of sales. Hypo staff echo is very big, expressed benefit rich. In the and hypo company big mergers, closely, the sea for 2009 years of market development to play a certain role.



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